Villa Bridgerton

From gorgeous Regency-era sets to butlers and handmaids, Netflix brings its hit-series Bridgerton to the Philippines in a 90-year old mansion built by National Artist for Architecture, Pablo S. Antonio. Known as the Residence of Doña Narcisa “Sisang” Buencamino-de Leon of LVN Pictures, this home in Broadway, New Manila, is Architect Antonio’s earliest standing residential work.

In 1931, only a year into his official practice after completing his studies in London, Antonio made his first two homes across modern day Metro Manila. The first was the Residence of Col. and Mrs. Manuel Verzosa in Manila which was destroyed during the Japanese Occupation.

A noteworthy feature of the home-turned-Villa Birdgerton is its use for the furnishings that have been a part of its interiors since its beginnings. The rooms and layout remain closely true to the original – with subtle renovations over time. Nevertheless, this structure in a historic area for Manila’s old prestige stands the test of time, and is a prime example of effective adaptive reuse for heritage houses.

One may also draw comparisons for Antonio’s career development between this home and the rest of Antonio’s remaining residential works–including his very own home, the Pablo S. Antonio Residence in Zamora Street, Pasay, that was designed nearly two decades later with the then-newer trends of the prairie style.

Villa Bridgerton is a limited-time set to promote the show. For more information, visit:

Photographs taken by Joshua Carlos Barrera.

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