The Sign of the Rabbit Book Launch

Vicky Veloso-Barrera is one member of the Antonio clan that has many connections to the Zamora home. Apart from being Pablo S. Antonio’s eldest grandchild, and so part of family celebrations at this home, friends from college and beyond remember the many parties she and sister Letlet threw at Zamora.

At the invitation of her grandmother Marina, also lived there for several months before her marriage to Roberto V. Barrera, and even celebrated her despedida de soltera here.
They have not forgotten the sweet scent of dama de nochethat greeted them in the evenings during their courtship.

As a writer then, it’s hardly surprising that she used the Zamora as one of the settings of her children’s adventure book series, The Sign of the Rabbit, especially from Books 3 to 7.

Merchandise by Vibrant Art Studios and Vicky Veloso Barrera’s The Sign of the Rabbit book series at Pablo S. Antonio’s Home. Image by Joshua Barrera.

Naturally, she has had a book launching event at this home

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