Pablo Antonio Sr. Residence is an ancestral home located in Zamora Street, Pasay – a historical suburb in Manila’s bayside. It is an exemplary stylized house and a masterwork by the late National Artist for Architecture, Pablo Severo Antonio (1901-1975).

Built in 1949, the house is where Antonio lived with his family following the second World War. In recognition of its historical and social significance in Philippine art and design, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines installed a marker. In 2019, the National Museum of the Philippines designated the Pablo Antonio Sr. Residence an Important Cultural Property.

At the present, the house is a fashion atelier, events venue, and art gallery.


From the white adobe walls, indoor gardens, and inclined windows to being surrounded by greenery, the Mid-Century style bungalow is the epitome of the Architect’s vision for modern Filipino living in the tropics: bringing nature and concrete into visual and spatial harmony.

Stories in a House of Dreamers

Antonio’s home today is a place of respite and dreaming. It evokes escape to nature, nostalgia, and artistic wonder. Pablo S. Antonio is a dreamer who inspired future generations of Filipino creatives to strive for their aspirations with a fighting spirit.

Through a digital archive of stories, we open the doors of our ancestral home for visitors to celebrate a spectacle of Philippine heritage and arts.

Pablo S. Antonio

1901 – 1975

Pablo Severo Antonio was a pioneer in Philippine Art Deco and Modernism, and the country’s ‘most modern’ architect during his time. He embraced the streamlined style and adapted it to the tropical landscape – mastering responsiveness to climate. His notable works standing today include Far Eastern University Manila, the Manila Polo Club, White Cross-Quezon Preventorium, and the Antonio Residence of Zamora Street, Pasay. In 1976, he was posthumously awarded the order of National Artist for Architecture.

Heritage Tours, Art Spaces, and Atelier

We preserve the memories of Antonio’s architecture and Doña Marina’s creation of a lovely garden through heritage and cultural tours with the Pasay Tourism Council, offering spaces for events, celebrations, art exhibitions, and pictorials, and by being the fashion house of Atelier Veloso.

Upcoming Events and Announcements

Dream On!

We celebrate the 121st birth anniversary of our foremost dreamer, National Artist for Architecture Pablo S. Antonio on January 25, 2021 with an online exhibit of artworks and books inspired by his legacy.
Join us as we showcase works that pay tribute to an extraordinary man who dreamt big, and by example taught others how to reach for their dreams

Important Notice: Pablo S. Antonio Home remains closed to the public in compliance with the IATF community quarantine protocols. We look forward to welcoming you back into our home and gardens soon.