Fish Ponds

It wasn’t enough for the nature-loving Pablo Antonio to have his home surrounded by gardens and to have a number of pocket gardens inside his home. he was also fond of ponds.

The in-door fish pond in the living room. Photo from house archives.

The ponds inside and outside the home add to the serenity created by breezes rustling leaves and birdsong. Every so often a there’s a splash of water as koi take a flip in the water. In Antonio’s day, the ponds were also home to a number of turtles.

Between the living room and the garden: inclined screen windows overlook a pond once home to many turtles in Antonio’s time. Photo from house archives (taken by Tess Puzon Rivera).

The screen roofing over the indoor pond concealed pipes that created artificial rain, cooling down the home on hot days.

Screens roofing over the little garden and fish pond. Photo by Joshua Barrera.

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