History of the Pablo S. Antonio Home

1949 – 1974

In the post war years, Pablo S. Antonio built the iconic bungalow that was both his family home and a template for modern tropical architecture. His wife, Marina Reyes Antonio also used the home as an atelier for fashion design.

The home seamlessly melded exterior and interior spaces with the signature slanted windows, sweeping views of the garden and natural ventilation. A charming environment was created where the couple raised their children, entertained often and turned meetings with clients into social events.

1975 – 2006

With the passing of Pablo S. Antonio, the Zamora house continued to flourish as the home and atelier of his widow Marina Antonio. Even after their adult children had left to create their own homes, they would return regularly for family get-togethers for the holidays and other special occasions.

The house and its interiors remained basically unchanged, and during this time was able to serve as a venue for fashion editorials and salon type fashion shows.

2007 – Present

Following the passing of Marina Antonio. Her daughter Malu sought to maintain the house by turning it into a venue for by reservation dining: My Mother’s Garden. Alongside the garden cafe, the house has also become the atelier of fashion designers Malu and Letlet Veloso.

By the late 2010s, its spaces expanded to include exhibitions and events surrounding art, fashion, flowers, and gifts.

Important Cultural Property Marker, 2019

On January 2019, the Pablo Antonio Sr. Residence was bestowed by the National Museum of the Philippines the Important Cultural Property Marker. The ceremony, led by the Architect’s descendants Malu Antonio-Veloso and Vicky Veloso-Barrera, and Ana Labrador, Deputy Director-General for Museums of NMP, gathered family, friends, cultural heritage advocates, architects, and arts managers from across the Philippines to celebrate the legacy of the National Artist in his home.