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Living Room

Photos from house archives.

The dramatic, heavy wooden main doors open to reveal first sitting areas, then instead of walls there are two sides lined with Antonio’s trademark slanted windows. These let in views of the garden, light and coolness. Where there is no vista of the gardens outside, indoor gardens provide that omnipresent green, coupled with a pond where koi and goldfish weave lazy patterns in the water.

The original furniture by Austrian-Jewish interior designer Ernest Korneld is also upholstered in green, and invite you to sit back and gaze at the calming botanicals or peruse a book from the coffee table. It is a living room where one can relax in solitude, or chat with a few friends, or hold a large event as the space invites you to wander around and discover all its charming corners.

​One can sit along the slanted windows, or dine casually in different areas of the living room, each with its own unique setting. Ceiling fans provide a gentle breeze, suspended from a ceiling with a play of wooden angles and apertures that let in light.

Floral prints, mellow colors, and added plants soften the concrete of the living room. Photo from house archives.
More spots for gathering with a pocket garden in between.Photo from house archives (taken by Tess Puzon Rivera).

At one point the indoor gardens had pipes in the screen that allowed artificial rain to cool off family and visitors on really hot days.

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