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Dining Room & Galleries

A dining room that interconnects with converted-bedrooms, walkways, and more gardens. Photo by Geoffrey Tan.

From the living room, one passes through a corridor to the main dining room, remarkable for its brick walls, egg crate box ceilings and a massive round dining table.

Here was the heart of family reunions and celebrations, and the wooden dining table groaning under the weight of the home cooked family specialties. The room contains yet another of those pocket gardens and lead onto other rooms. Once family rooms, these are now used to display the designs of the three generations of Antonio-Veloso fashion designers.

An opening to a little garden to breathe. Photo taken by Tess Puzon Rivera, from house archives.
An arrangement of vibrant greens in a pocket garden. Photo by Joshua Barrera.
The Yellow Room, a master’s bedroom turned art gallery. Photo by Joshua Barrera.
The former bedroom of Marina R. Antonio, now a room for telling Pablo S. Antonio’s story and displaying fashion in three generations. Photo by Geoffrey Tan.

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