The Sign of the Rabbit Book Launch

Vicky Veloso-Barrera is one member of the Antonio clan that has many connections to the Zamora home. Apart from being Pablo S. Antonio’s eldest grandchild, and so part of family celebrations at this home, friends from college and beyond remember the many parties she and sister Letlet threw at Zamora. At the invitation of herContinue reading “The Sign of the Rabbit Book Launch”

Cooking Classes

From time to time, Vicky Veloso-Barrera has held cooking classes for adults at the Zamora house. While at Tiny Kitchen, her 24 year old cooking school, the focus is on children, the Zamora house dining room makes a perfect venue for cooking demonstrations where a limited number of students watch up close and then dineContinue reading “Cooking Classes”

A Pair of Peacocks

In the early 2000s, the garden was home to two peacocks – a male and a female. They were gifted to Marina R. Antonio by her son Luis (Chito). The two roamed freely and boasted their vibrant trains of eyelike patterns. Although they laid eggs in the hopes of continuing a pet lineage at theContinue reading “A Pair of Peacocks”