Furniture by Ernest Korneld

The furniture at the living room of Pablo S. Antonio’s home were designed by Ernest Korneld. Korneld was an Austrian-Jewish architect who resided in Manila. A prominent name in the local scene during the post-war years, he is notably cited for designing the reconstruction of Temple Emil, the country’s first Synagogue which stood in Taft Avenue.

Home, garden, and entertainment all in one space. Photo from house archives (taken by Tess Puzon Rivera).
Leafy prints and the slender fingers of wood help create a dreamy atmosphere. Photo from house archives (taken by Tess Puzon Rivera).

The chairs are sturdy yet airy due to their slender fingers of wood. The cushions and pillows are of green floral prints. These organic and floral motifs contrast yet beautifully complement the home’s original tiles, selections of geometric glass tables, and the bold lines and forms of wooden beams and white columns.

Chairs with hatching flowing lines facing a table with a circular glass surface and a hexagonal wooden pedestal. Photo from house archives (taken by Tess Puzon Rivera)

Even up to today, these well-preserved furnishings are comfortable for family and guests to enjoy an experience of living in the home.


Veloso-Barrera, Vicky. “In Search of My Grandfather’s Legacy: Pablo S. Antonio: National Artist for Architecture.” Filnet Art Series, Sylvia Montilla, 2021.

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