Unveiling the Important Cultural Property marker

Before the unveiling, guests arrive to see a maroon curtain concealing the marker at the entrance. Photo by Joshua Barrera.

On January 25, 2019, family, architects, and cultural advocates came together with the National Museum of the Philippines to celebrate Pablo S. Antonio’s contribution to Philippine architecture.

A gathering of advocates, patrons, family, and representatives from the National Museum of the Philippines. Photo courtesy of Raffi Chavez.

In a ceremony of receiving the Important Cultural Property marker, Ana Labrador, Deputy Director-General for Museums of NMP gave the Statement of Declaration of Remarks. From the cobblestoned driveway, guests witnessed the marker unveiled on the left of the door – cornering a marker by the Cultural Center of the Philippines placed decades prior.

Ana Labrador, Deputy Director-General for Museums, recites the Statement of Declaration. Photo by Joshua Barrera.
The Important Cultural Property marker of Pablo S. Antonio’s home revealed. Photo by Joshua Barrera.
The signing and exchange of deeds between family and the National Museum. From left to right: Vicky Veloso-Barrera, Malu Antonio-Veloso, Ana Labrador, and Racquel D. Flores. Photo courtesy of Raffi Chavez.

Featured Article

Where the dreamers dreamed at the house of Pablo Antonio by Vicky Veloso-Barrera, The Philippine Star, January 26, 2019.

Published by Joshua Carlos Barrera

Joshua Carlos Barrera is a visual artist and art manager based in the Philippines. His artistic practice is a play of Pointillism, Cubism, techniques in Chinese and Japanese ink painting, and Philippine ethnic patterns. Drawn from family, travels, and love for video game concepts, his works intersect themes of heritage, fantasy, nature, fashion, and city living – imprinting a unity of fragmented ideas. Aside from creating artwork, he loves to collect art and toys, take snapshots, and travel around the world to see galleries, museums, cultural sites, nature, and great big cities.

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