A Pair of Peacocks

In the early 2000s, the garden was home to two peacocks – a male and a female. They were gifted to Marina R. Antonio by her son Luis (Chito). The two roamed freely and boasted their vibrant trains of eyelike patterns. Although they laid eggs in the hopes of continuing a pet lineage at the home, it was unfortunate that none ever hatched.

The pair of peacocks in a cage. Photo from family archives.
For a time, a fence stood on the far edge of the garden where the peacocks stayed. Image from family archives.

In memory of the dwellers, artists Joshua Barrera and Nigel Villaceran created pieces depicting them for the September 2017 exhibition and salon fashion show, Love, Marina.

A brass sculpture by Nigel Villaceran and an ink painting by Joshua Barrera depicting the peacocks, commissioned for an exhibition at the home. Photo by Joshua Barrera.

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